Saturday, September 27, 2008

The fourth dimension

Last week was Sarah's birthday. We went to a '4-d' ultrasound center. Basic ultrasound technology is pretty incredible. If you've never had children, or if you're children were born in the 1980s or before, then you probably don't have an appreciation for how incredible it is. Most people come out of the ultrasound session with a handful of sonograms which, while wonderful, pale in comparison to the full motion images they saw during the session itself, so if you've never been in the room during the procedure, then all you've seen are filtered fragments of the experience itself.

As somebody who believes there are a number of sad realities in our civilization that make abortion rights a terrible necessity, I also believe that ultrasound technology has in many ways revealed many of the traditional arguments in favor of 'choice' to be petty, amoral, and wrongheaded. There are a number of rational arguments in favor of the necessity of abortion rights; respectfully, 'choice' is not one of them.

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