Saturday, February 21, 2009


So, Scully started the one-to-one blog. Good for him. Curious to know what one of those ones might be, but I am going to make believe they stand for one (hundred push-ups) and one (day). It's less dirty to think of it that way.

Anyway, ever since he started it, I've been trying to get a few sets of push-ups in every day. I was doing between 100 and 120 daily there for a while. Then the job and second kid came along, and I've been either too busy or lazy to make it work. And I fell out of the habit altogether.

Now, I've decided to reprioritize. Push-ups every day. Eventually, back to a hundred or more a day. I've also bought a pull-up bar (not just any pull-up bar). It's a rather humbling thing to have if you're as weak as me. But I will tame the beast yet.

Right now, all I can do is reverse pull-ups, which is kind of embarrassing. I'll try to keep you posted. Oh yeah, also going back to painting.

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