Wednesday, May 9, 2012

39 percent. What did you expect?

On October 6, 1971:

John A. Wilkinson's marriage to Lorraine Mary Turner was officially recognized by the State of North Carolina. Wilkinson was black and Turner was white.
It was the first interracial marriage legally recognized by the state. It took a 1967 ruling from the United States Supreme Court to force the state (and 15 others) to revoke its anti-miscengenation laws. Last night was the way this was always going to go. But last night was never going to be the way this was going to end.

We all would have liked for the people of North Carolina to have given us an upset, but democracy isn't a fan of upsets. And it certainly isn't a fan of the civil rights of the statistically insignificant minority. Which is why it has never been the preferred instrument in doling them out.

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