Monday, March 7, 2011

Numero seis.

On Saturday morning, I found an old Metrocard laying under some clutter on my dresser. It expired on Halloween 2007. It must have been one of the last cards either Sarah or I bought before we left the city the first time, just after Nate was born. The first time I remember finding it was last year not long after submitting the two cards I made for the first Single Fare show. Sentiment is probably what kept it with us for the first few years, like the scuffed up playing cards Sarah used to bring home to Brooklyn after finding them on the sidewalk or in the gutter. We still have a handful of those cards stuck behind a magnet on our refrigerator in Roswell. But is wasn’t sentiment that led me to set that Metrocard aside last summer. Whereas a week before, I may have looked at the thing and felt the twinge of nostalgia, when it turned up last year, all I saw was a painting surface. So I set the thing aside on my dresser, where it stayed unnoticed and all but forgotten for the better part of a year. But I found it, finally, the Saturday before the submission deadline for the second Single Fare show, and if all goes well, I will now have six pieces in the show as opposed to five.

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