Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's on.

Both Sarah and I were born in Greensboro, NC; with the exception of the last six years when we were spending our days and nights in New York, she's really never lived anywhere else, so it didn't really bother me when Governor Palin said that our small home town (whose city population of about 230,000 is more than one-third the population of Alaska; and whose metropolitan area population is twice the size of Alaska's) was among the really pro-American parts of the country*.

But now John McCain is saying Western Pennsylvania is more American than Greensboro?!? You've. Got. To. Be. Kidding. me. Western Pennsylvania? Really? I mean, this video (even if you put aside his hilarious garbling of his own message) seems to suggest he's addressing a Western PA crowd, still, has the man ever spent time there?

*Although she would go to Elon to say that sort of thing. There's about eight colleges in Greensboro, and she has to find the one whose main campus is really in Burlington. Fucking Elon. Elon???

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