Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Voting Early: Cont.

Two weeks until election day, and the election is already over for Sarah and me. We dropped Nate off for his first few hours of day care this morning, and drove into Canton to cast our votes. There was a steady flow of people, but no real wait. Cherokee County went for Bush by a count of about 4:1 in 2004, and judging from the demographics at the polls this morning (and the number of McCain/Palin signs around town) I don't see the country turning purple this year.

But we have cast our votes, and, assuming we can trust Diebold, our votes will be tabulated accurately, and there may be some chance that Georgia seems a little less red than it did four years ago.

On a side note: While Obama is unlikely to win the state, the senate race between Republican incumbent Saxby Chambliss and Democratic challenger Jim Martin seems to be creating some concern inside the GOP. Chambliss is the guy who found national attention when he defeated Max Cleland, triple amputee and Vietnam veteran, in 2002 after running an ad featuring both Cleland and Osama bin Laden in a split screen.

Clearly concerned, he's got an even classier ad up attacking Jim Martin. It's another one where the image of what is on screen is a lot more important than the words the announcer is being paid to say. See if you can spot the sensationalism in this one (Hint: You have to read it).

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