Monday, October 13, 2008

A New Week; An Entirely New Campaign?

Is this sort of thing allowed? Not that I am displeased with the shift away from race baiting, but how many times can a candidate make top-to-bottom changes to his campaign and message before the entire country begins to consider him completely unsure about why or whether he wants to be president in the first place?

For a guy who spent all of last week asking who his opponent was, John McCain is up this morning with an entirely new explanation of who he is and why we should vote for him. It has something to do with comebacks and drapes.

BTW: The day after the debate last week, I was certain the new argument, when it came, would have something to do with divided government. Something akin to: "Remember how inept we were when we had control of the Congress and the White House? Do you really want the Democrats to have the same unchecked power we brilliantly misused? I didn't think so."

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